Advice on how to make your people Happy; Ikedi Ohakim

Advice on how to make your people Happy: by Ex Imo Governor, Ikedi Ohakim

* Pay workers salaries timely

* Pay pensions and gratuities

* Never issue dud cheques to your people

* Compensate people before demolitions

* Always pay overtime and leave allowance to civil servants

* Never pocket the legislative or judicial arms of government

* Carry out developmental projects with good fate not with intent to cause suffering

* Never deploy suffering, hunger and hardship as a weapon of control on your people (we are Ndi Igbo and our resilient spirit will reject it)

* Never cut salaries of civil servants or force pensioners to forfiet their entitlements

* Always strive to create an enabling environment to encourage business

* Before a demolition or relocation, ensure proper resettlement has been provided

* Before banning a means of transportation, ensure proper replacement are on ground 

* Always strive to provide water to your people. Water is life

* Ensure civil servants receive bonuses during the Christmas periods #13month

* Channel scarce funds on projects that touch lives and empower the youths not building statues

* Never sack your people from work because of political hatred

* Make campaign promises you intend to fulfill (Jobs, Jobs, Jobs)

* Always tell your people the truth. It could be bitter and they may hate you for it as many hated me but you vindicate your soul before GOD

Unfortunately, doing these sometimes doesn’t guarantee you will be appreciated. I know that first hand but all the same if you truly love your people, don’t be discouraged.

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