An Imo State based Social Media Influencer JUDE BONNISON (PONDIS) wrote on his social media handle…..

Who could have ever thought this screen goddess is from Imo state?
Mere looking at her, you’d probably conclude she’s an international superstar without attaching her root. As far as I’m concerned , Genevieve Nnaji has cut off from her root and it is quite disheartening.

Imo state has given birth to superstars too numerous to count yet the state’s Entertainment industry is yet to come to light or probably be recognised in the country (Nigeria) not to talk of Africa and the world at large.
“If we cut our chains, we’ll be free but if we cut our root, we die”.
Could it be fear of the unknown that has retrained us from coming to develop talents from our root? Inferiority complex?
Even, politics recognise grassroot that’s why we have ‘grassroot politics’, of course you can only get political appointment in another Man’s land but cannot be elected in another Man’s land, you can only be elected when you contest from your root.
We’re Imo were original things come from and if you don’t begin from where creation of talent is, (Imo) then you’re very fake.

Genevieve Nnaji, come back home and develop talents from here, you can do it swiftly, you’re a voice, you might not have all the time but just pick few talents here and announce them, you’ll be shocked the way they’ll fly. Yes Ma’am, you’re that super.
We’ve been doing our best to revive the entertainment industry in Imo state, it hasn’t been easy because we need an increase in number to do so as Entertainment is a game of number.
You (Genevieve) are not the only celebrity from Imo state but apparently the biggest superstar from here that’s why I’m concentrating on you on this writeup. As for folks like Rita Dominic, KOK, Mike Godson, Samklef, Stephanie okereke, Lilian Esoro, Chidimma Ekile, Daniella Okereke, Osita Iheme, etc, I am coming for you.

This is a psychological and mental warfare campaign and not aimed to insult anyone. We want Imo state to be on the spotlight.
It won’t be bad if Genevieve Nnaji lunch her ‘Lionheart’ movie in Imo state, we have state of the art cinema houses in Imo, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 thousand capacity auditorium where audience can comfortably sit without complaining till the next day. We have stadium in case of larger audience, there’s security here, airport, 10 radio stations and still counting, social Media handlers to boost your entrance, and there’s fantastic hotels for lodging, come back home and develop Imo state, other entertainers will recognise Imo when Imo sons and daughters who are doing well in another Man’s land starts recognising their root.

Jude Bonnison #Pondis

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