GOV. OWELLE Walks 29th may 2015

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  1. I have sent this earlier to the wrtier. Read.Thank you for this unsolicited update. My conclusion is that you sound as unconvincing as the lawyer you are responding to. Your use of derogatory and disparaging language in your official media responses sounds unpalatable and disgusting while painting you like a combatant at war front. It does not give any image to that house which I doubt is meant for law making and oversight functions. With what has Imo State House of Assembly been using to perform their oversight functions when the key law- budget, was rumored to have been secretly passed on the 15th of May 2012. Their days of recess have been almost equal to their days of sitting and they glaringly lack the capacity to ensure executive accountability and transparency. For instance, the house could not intervene in the 4th tier or community governance imbroglio until federal intervention. If the yardstick for measuring good performance is visitation by another state, then it is sign post of not too good performance by the house. please confirm how CSOs can verify your claims or monitor the performance of the house on a monthly basis. It has been confirmed that the house you have been saddled with the job of defending do not seat regularly and when they seat at all, it has been closed doors, very brief and unmemorable. I have the feeling that not much is being done other wise how do you explain Imo budget being passed almost mid way into the year. I wish and pray that this house will not be another disappointment to Ndimo. Samuelson, I wish to humbly remind you to remember your roots and past affiliation whenever you want to put up anti- people publications. Remember that the poor was on your side when you were being abused by the Ohakim regime, you should never, never, willingly or unwillingly hurt the poor by taking side with those take away our comfort, you will be hurting yourself in the long run.

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