Forward or Backward?

Ohaji/Egbema is a Local Government Area of its own in IMO state. Its located at the Western part of the state. Its known as the FOOD BASKET and OIL Kingdom of the state of which its truly a fact to behold.
But today,the image and glory of this locality is no more, due to the hatred melted on the locality by the State Government,Owelle.
Its so dishearten that one of the richest oil LGA in west Africa lacks all the social amenities that is meant to be a primary care to such an LGA.
Ohaji/Egbema has over 13 INEC wards and over 25 communities namely 

Obiti,Umukanne,Ohuba,Obosima,Umuwuaku,Assah,Umupa,Umuagwo, Umukenne,Etioha,Awarra,Obile,Ikwerede,Abacheke,Mmahu,Etekwuru,Amafor,etc…
All these communities has suffered series of injuries under the government of IMO state irrespective of her God given natural resources but still no recognition nor governmental development has been considered for the oil kingdom.
Before now,we have a functional Rubber Estate plantation Obiti,we have General hospital Umukanne,we have Palm fruits plantation known as Adapalm etc but today,take a look at all these monumental development in the area,especially for the past six years.

Adapalm has been in comatose for the past five years now,Rubber plantation and general hospital are all in same state of comatose and are all courtesy of Owelle led Administration of wickedness.
The only viable development in the area which is Imopoly umuagwo has been bastardized by him and because its situated in this area he hated so much. Since his inception as governor, he has only visited the Institution twice in six years and has NO single infrastructure accredited to his government in that school. The students that resides in this area are left in blackout day in day out only because its in our locality. Because of his hatred over the LGA that provides food on his table on daily basis he puts the students of Imopoly into series of hardship. No good motorable roads,No power supply,No adequate security in the area etc…
Some persons may be wondering why and how this LGA is an oil kingdom or food basket of the state yet, no such social amenities.
But permit me to inform you of the following few facts that can make you to agree with me to a certain degree.
IMO state was included in the map of NDDC because of Ohaji/Egbema is an oil kingdom.
ISOPADEC is a courtesy of oil kingdom.
13% oil derivation from federal government to IMO state is a courtesy of Oil kingdom etc…
An LGA that has paid her dues and immensely contributed her quota for the growth and development of her state deserves nothing but the Best but today we are terribly marginalized and maltreated with wickedness.

Among all those his factories and industries none is located in my area,if any.
What a wicked Administration?
The amnesty program that was granted to some youths in my local government, was hijacked by him and the wife,leaving my locality in penury.
But in all,it baffles me so hard that the leaders of the aforementioned LGA are doing nothing to this effect…

Imagine such an oil kingdom and a food basket of the state still have over 7 communities that have no electricity and motorable roads like Assah,Obile,Awarra,Ikwerede,Ochia etc and those that do not witness power supply from year to year.
What a selfish Leadership representation are we in?
Let me not begin to unleash some anger on some of the Leaders of my area because, the are also part of the sufferings of my people.
Wake up call to the Leaders of Ohaji/Egbema.
Let’s have a rethink and better our LGA for ourselves.
Comr.Ezekwe Uche.

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