IK OGBONNA:  Between Ohakim’s Kimkim & Okorocha’s Taximo

I have watched with amazement the puerile and infantile posts against the newly introduced Taximo initiated by the Okorocha led administration to replace Keke within Owerri Municipality.

To make matters worse, some paid hirelings of the PDP, especially apologists of the Ohakim led administration which was rejected by the people of Imo State for a second term joined the dance of shame. It is laughable and regrettable bearing in mind the Ohakim led administration failed on two similar projects. The tricycles were not suitable for our clime, had no spare parts and were of poor quality.

The Ohakim led administration introduced a taxi scheme but allegedly shared the vehicles amongst his political appointees, Cheer Leaders and apologists of the administration. The failure led to the introduction of another scheme called Kimkim which was dead on arrival. A visit to ministries and even government house will unearth carcass of the tricycle littered around the state.

On Taximo, Owelle Okorocha bought brand new vehicles Kia vehicles (see pictures attached) initially but the Keke riders pleaded that they prefered Passat cars for the following reasons:

Cost: The Keke riders said they preferred second hand Passat vehicles as it would be cheaper for them to maintain.

That they can meet the terms quickly in less than a year as against that of a brand new one.

Fuel efficiency: They claimed that Passat cars are fuel efficient.

Availability of spare parts.

That the Passat cars are rugged and suit our roads amongst others reasons.

Being a listening governor, Owelle acceded to their request.

In the case of Ohakim, it was shared to his henchmen and the vehicles DISAPPEARED immediately while the Kimkim was dead on arrival as it was allegedly conceived with deceit.


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