It is worth stating that I am not a believer in questioning why youths are not given leadership opportunities, but I am a strong advocate for youths to take leadership responsibilities. This is because, only a lazy youth looks up to someone to give him or her leadership opportunities, real youths with distinctive character and leadership zeal for excellence dont ask for any chance, they create it, they dont ask for leadership, they work their way to it. Leonarda da Vinci said “People of great accomplishment rarely stayed back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things”. There is no doubt that it is the duty of the elders to prepare the youths for leadership responsibilities, but not in Nigeria, where the same leaders of the 70s are still struggling for power till date. The leaders of yesterday remain the leaders of today and with the look of things if not checked, they would remain the leaders of tomorrow. The youths must look beyond this set of leaders for leadership opportunities; else, they would have to wait till eternity. Now, I say we are leaders of today and not tomorrow.
In business, youths have demonstrated across the world that they are capable of bringing a new touch, new dimension and new initiative products that could sell in millions. In science, youths have equally demonstrated their ability to improve on old knowledge and discover new things. It is also the same in every other aspect of life. Until we get uncomfortable where we are, significant change cannot happen in our life. Why cant youths take the chance in government? Since our elders usually concentrate on bigger challenges, like the stability of government and get consumed by it, the youths concentrate on minor but very crucial aspect of government, things that are crucial to the stability of the society. If both the youths and the elderly people should harmonize their respective thought and strong hold in government management, such a combination is surely leading to a rapid progress and development for the country. A concrete plan, consideration and agreement for the betterment and protection of the interest of the youths should be discussed. If we cannot contest, we ought to be appointed in the government functions. It is not a man with a motive but the man with the purpose that prevails.
The breakfast of champions is not cereals but “obstacles” and God never promised us an easy journey, but a great destination. If we must do it right, we cannot avoid the cost. The greatest task of a leader is to assemble the right people. Until you get uncomfortable where you are, significant change cannot happen in your life. Whatever you want to do, do it now, there are only so many tomorrows – Michael Landon

Has our Society chosen for us or do we choose for the Society?
Where do we go from here? (Solutions)

*Game Plan:

Each move we make in life must be approached with a game plan (strategy) rather than chance. Game plan is a product of self- confidence and it brings about achievements. A combination of strategy and character is the most vital key to success.  We have to ensure the application of great strategies in executing our ideas and as well always cultivate a positive attitude/character.
Guides Useful In Setting and Attaining Goals

1. We have to write down our goals.

2. Goals must be specific, measurable (reducing broad goal into smaller goals e.g. 20km=10hrs; 16fts = A minute) and realistic.

3. Making mental pictures of our goal.

4. Monitoring our progress regularly and making adjustments where necessary.

5. We have to be persistent, consistent, committed and see any failure as opportunity for success. “Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together.-Robert South. 

Its a pity that most youths of today are less concerned about the state of the nation but can primarily go to night club to dance azonto and shakiti-bobo, our primary aim should be focused on the state of the nation, and others can be secondary. I can tell you that more than 20% of the youths above the constitutional 18 years dont have a voters card and yet we talk of leadership. After God’s commandments, the next commandments we have are the constitution of the country. Politics is a fundamental essence of life. Politics is another way of life whether we agree or not we participate. Politics creates room for development. Government policies, whether good or bad influences a lot of things in our society, who vote the government? Youths. Get your voters card! 
I am a youth and I seek for change, equity, justice and transparency in the country. Don’t condemn your fathers land, be involved in what will promote her progress. Nigeria must be better; we are just going through the era that will make us great. Our generation will change Nigeria. We all have to keep the faith alive, if we all leave Nigeria to other countries who will fix Nigeria? What will be the faith of our culture and its heritage? What will the younger generation know?
*40% inclusiveness or nothing

I heard of a proverb that says; “The old shall declare war and the youths will fight” but this days the youth declare this war because the elders have become mute and the youths go ahead to fight the war and in most cases win the war.

Having seen the stigma and the often degradation amongst the youths in our country, we have come to make a case. Youths should rise up to the issues of wrong policies by the present administration. Wrong policies should not always be condemned by opposition political parties also the youths should play a role to checkmate the government. 

Youths of intellect, outspoken persons, courageous, pragmatic and strategic beings should foster affairs of political parties across Nigeria.

I am urging the leadership of all political parties in Nigeria to amend their Executive port-folios at the ward, LGA, zones, state and National to field in 40% of the youths. Is now the work of the youth to send a memo in that regards tagged “40% participation or nothing”. The youths should awaken their spirit and take over. A platform will be set soon to discuss major strategies of events

We have always maintained that politics is a relational business and not employment” “in the political power calculus all empowered members are equal, nobody is inferior or superior to the other the difference being opportunity”.
*Social Media and its Packaging:

The social media has been the fastest and digital means youths engage in for politicking. Most politicians are now on the social media monitoring what its users say or talk about them. We ought to at all course discuss the state of the nation. 

We as youths must all cost present ourselves to the public, mind what we post on the social media be it pictures or write up. I see some youths wearing singlets and giving some awful signs on their social media pictures, what impression does it shows? We should try to seat up at all cost and present ourselves very well and be ready to lead. The way we appear is the way we are addressed. Packaging is very important, lets encourage ourselves.

*We have to build our environment with people who are a promise to our future, people who fuel our passion and those who speak the language of possibility.
People can be divided into three groups: 

1. Those who make things happen, 

2. Those who watch things happen, 

3. Those who wonder what’s happening. 

This why the person who knows ‘how’ will always have a job but the person who knows ‘why’ will always be his boss.

Where do you belong?

From a sermon given by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925. The Seven Social Sins are:

– The Wealth without work.

– Pleasure without conscience.

– Knowledge without character.

– Commerce without morality.

– Science without humanity.

– Worship without sacrifice.

– Politics without principle.
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